DustBuster or Golden Retriever?

I started this blog to document my journey of one year of no shopping and my attempt at creating a life of simplicity.

I’ve been trying to get organized my whole life. I’m finally catching on..
My problem isn’t getting organized or staying organized….it’s having TOO MUCH STUFF!

I have every tub, bin, divider, stacker, clip created. Our house is bursting with baskets…pretty baskets, of course. Nesting basket sets, wicker baskets, lined wicker baskets, Nantucket Baskets. I have fabric boxes, tin boxes, painted boxes and mod podge boxes.

My darling husband has assembled and installed brass hooks, plastic hooks, wire racks, shelves, shoe racks and cubbies. I have Rubbermaid shelves, Ikea shelves…..okay, I think you get my point.

I’m the example. Every organizer gives an example. Whether standing on a podium in Podunk or interviewed on HGTV organizers all seem to say something like this, “Now don’t run out to buy bins and pretty baskets right away!”

They chuckle knowingly…as if EVERYONE knows THAT! As if that’s common sense? Well, it does sort of make sense but it’s more fun to shop for more pretty things.

The organizerinforms the crowd that we have to assess our home situation which always sounds daunting. Things need to be sorted and evaluated in order to see what we need to organize. Hmmmm. I hadn’t thought of that.

These organizing guru’s captivate crowds with their jargon…(YES!!! There they have their own language!) ….decluttering techniques, trouble spots, traffic patterns, chaos creators, command centers and time management.

They suggest family meetings to “assign tasks”, write down routines, keep color coordinated calendars, schedule systems and weekly shopping lists. And I was proud just to get the kids on the bus with backpacks and brushed teeth!

Rather than inspired, I sometimes left those presentations feeling as though I had missed that day in kindergarten.I couldn’t seem to figure out what they knew that I didn’t. Our house has was pretty nice and nicely decorated. I’ve always said, we’re not perfect but we’re welcoming! One problem….I couldn’t find my keys….or my wallet.

Over the years, I’ve begged my dear OCD friends (usually shouting over a their DustBuster since these friends never missed an opportunity to catch a crumb….we have a Golden Retriever for crumbs)and women in the cleaning aisle for advice. Finally! I’ve figured it out! I’ve cracked the code!

The secret code:
STOP BRINGING STUFF HOME! STOP shopping! Sort one drawer. Then another. Ten minutes at a time. Every little bit counts. Give. Donate. Share.

I’m amazed how much has changed in our home. My personal shopping challenge opened my eyes. Need? Want? It’s made me more aware.

Clearing clutter.
Giving away.
Throwing out.
Keeping it simple.

We’ve always had a happy home but now it’s lighter and more peaceful. Stick around. It just gets better.


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