Be Where You Are

Stop. Just be. Breathe.

Sometimes I forget. I’m so busy thinking about which direction to take and choices to make, I get lost…not Mapquest kind of lost. I know where I am, I just forget to be there. It takes practice To be present.

I spent a lifetime thinking busy was the way to be. It filled my days but not my soul. Thankfully, our children taught me early on what it meant to be present. Little kids have time to notice details. Their minds aren’t cluttered with to-do lists, dinner plans or timetables…they can’t even tell time. They immerse themselves in play. They get lost in their imagination. They stop. They notice. They question. They think. They talk. When they’re done, they move on…fully satisfied.

Our kids are older now. I’m walking our Golden Retriever at the beach. As we walk along the Connecticut shore, snow covers the beach, waves crash, winds blow and the dog stops to sniff the driftwood, shells and dune grasses. She reminds me it’s time for me to stop too. I stand in the wet sand in my clunky boots, lots of layers and frozen fingertips and I take in a deep breath. I look around at the magnificence of this natural beauty and I’m here…where I’m standing. I breathe some more and count my blessings. Taking a moment to be grateful changes everything.


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