A Simple Walk


We’re expecting snow this week in Connecticut. I walk Fitzy, our Golden Retriever, in all weather. I dress accordingly. It makes all the difference. I truly enjoy our walks, whether it’s a quick jaunt up the road, trails the woods or on the beautiful beach.

Even with closets chock full of New England staples….L.L.Bean, Patagonia NorthFace and more….let’s just say there are times that I’m not dressed for success, weather wise. It’s more like dressed with less. Fitzy’s call of the wild is not always planned. There are times that what I assume will be a quick outing ends up more like a Lewis and Clark expedition.

Life is filled with surprises. Plans change. People change. Agendas change. Sometimes we get distracted, lost or sidetracked and we need to change directions. A simple walk can become a journey.

We may not feel prepared or equipped with the right gear. It’s frustrating. Changing my attitude can make all the difference. Gratitude changes everything. In the quiet, I see beauty all around me. I see things differently. I get a new perspective. A simple walk can be a gift.


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